Has your physician ordered a custom Fitting?


What Can I Expect?

Some physicians ask The Brace Guy to provide custom braces and perform custom fittings for patients in their office, hospital, or a physical therapy clinic. Many times a physician might have ordered a specific brace.  When The Brace Guy meets with you for the initial consultation, we will evaluate your condition, review your history and discuss options with you and your physician depending on your specific needs. If a custom or off-the-shelf (OTS) is required, depending on the facility, 7 to 14 days is required for the delivery of the brace to you.

We respect each patient as an individual and it is our policy to never rush a patient or compromise care. If you cannot keep an appointment for a custom fitting, please notify us and the fitting site as soon as you become aware of the scheduling conflict.

If you do not drive or if you are are unable to drive and require custom fitting in your home, please be aware, The Brace Guy requires the presence of a third person - parent, caregiver, spouse, adult child, or friend - present during fittings in your home. If you are a minor requiring a custom fitting in your home, a parent or guardian must be present during the duration of the appointment. 

What Will It Cost?

The Brace Guy will provide you the cost of the brace.  Device delivery in orthotics normally requires more than one office visit to ensure proper fit and alignment. The total fee paid is based on an all- inclusive cost for professional services, procedures, cost of the device, the initial and subsequent visits for custom braces.  

The Brace Guy recognizes the need for a clear understanding of your financial obligations as it involves your care and is available to assist you and answer any questions or concerns you may have. If you have financial difficulties, an open dialogue and exchange of information will enable us to work with you to overcome them. Some facilities may offer a payment plan.

What About Insurance?

  1. Most people today rely on insurance assistance to pay for medical services. Your insurance policy is a contract between you and your insurance company and we urge you to be fully aware of the provisions of your policy prior to your first appointment. The Brace Guy will request authorization from your insurance company for the services to be provided. Upon authorization, The Brace Guy will submit a claim directly to the insurance company. As with other medical service providers, should the insurance company pay only a portion of the fees for our services, you remain ultimately responsible for full payment of services.

    To ease the reimbursement process for everyone, when making your appointment with us, please be prepared to provide the following information: 

  - Personal and emergency contact information;
   - Current insurance or if a WC case, case number and manager contact information;
   - State issued identification number;
   - Parental consent, if a minor; 
   - Physician's prescription and referral.

The Brace Guy assumes no responsibility for improper selection, sizing, fitting or ordering of products offered on this website.