Your Patient is our priority


The Brace Guy wants to help you expand your care by providing appropriate and effective treatment and products you can rely on. The Brace Guy wants to partner with you in providing your patients with quality products for postsurgical and rehabilitative care, as well as treatment of bone, joint and soft-tissue conditions. The majority of our products have not only been approved by orthopedic physicians, but many hand, knee, and back products were actually designed by specialist in their specific field of expertise.

The Brace Guy will treat your patients with the same sense of priority and personal care they get from you, and because we put your patients first, urgent referrals are seen within one day. Quality and integrity are at the heart of the care our staff provides; with the goal of helping you improve the functional outcome of your patients.  As The Brace Guy continues to grow, we hope you will find we are indeed partnered in your rehabilitation efforts by providing quality products and committed, compassionate and consistent care.

Contact The Brace Guy today to schedule your in-service program addressing fitting guidelines, schedule an appointment for the evaluation of a patient or to order off-the-shelf items for your inventory.

Custom Fitting

The Brace Guy's comprehensive services offer the referring health care professional a careful assessment and evaluation of their patient's physical needs and/or disability as they relate to the specific design and development of an appropriate orthopedic brace or support and concise recording and communication of information. The Brace Guy works with you to increase your patient's mobility and functional abilities and while decreasing rehabilitation time.

In-Service Training

The Brace Guy offers free in-service training to practices in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metro area to familiarize you and your staff with our products and services. We will educate you on the latest materials, methods and orthotic models, and familiarize your staff in proper billing for products you order. More importantly, we can assist you in learning to properly fit your patients with many of our off-the-shelf items allowing you to provide those to your patients as needed.

Billing and Coding

As billing for medical care and products has become more complex, we are happy to assist your billing specialist with the proper use of coding and modifiers for services and products.

Patient Education

The Brace Guy can also assist with patient education so the patient and their family can easily understand and anticipate the steps in the care process. This education process helps eliminate many concerns patients and their families may experience when beginning orthotic treatment.